What type of activities do you do with your kids that is toddler's age between 3-5 years old?

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I usually read a book to them, make them pick their favourite book and then I try to make it a bit more fun by acting out the characters to them in a dress up way. They really enjoy it a lot. I also do drawings with them....we specially draw Thomas and Friends since my boys just love the little engines. At times we go to the playground. I also play LEGO with them or we just pretend we are cooking a meal by stiring empty pots and pans from the kitchen. Its fun since little kids always feel entertained with simple things.

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This is the best age to do so many different activities with them cos' they will find many things very new & interesting. Bringing them outdoors regularly is a must. You can also google and find out all the simple yet fun activities you can do at home too. Craft work, simple board games, Lego, play-pretend, etc. I'll try to incorporate some learning into most of these activities too. At this age, my kids also go to Swimming pool at least once a week. By 5, we start them on formal Swimming classes.

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Hi, I play with whatever they are interested or want to play that day. For instance, if they want to play superheroes, they will take their cape out and we will play pretend on each of the superpowers and rescue work. Sometimes we play Lego, sand play, go to park to explore animals or insects etc. Basically anything is fun to them as long as they play. We do dancing and role plays a lot, making use of whatever materials we have.

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Fashion shows are always fun. They can wear whatever they want and model their clothes. You can make a runway in your living room, put on some fun music, get your camera ready and be prepared for a lot of funny and cute moments. Another activity I love is a talent contest -- this is another activity that will have you keeling over in laughter. Kids sure to the darnest things!

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There are many activities for 3-5 years old as this period is their most curious age and they tend to explore and learn thing fast. For indoor, you can try fixing a puzzle, blocks, legos, art and craft, reading books, painting etc. For outdoor, you can try swimming, water play, cycling, brisk walking, playing balls, playgrounds etc

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I like to let my 4yr old help out with simple housework and sometimes we make pancakes together for breakfast. We also do colouring and story telling during evening times.

The kids love activities like reading and music. So a reading session helps keep the boys entertained. The eldest loves basketball so practising with him is another great activity.

You can bake, read books, swimming, park walk and many more. Best age because they can follow instructions relatively closely so enjoy with them!

I will bring them to the libraries, or some outdoor activities like going to the beach or cycling or swimming. after all the 5days at sch whole day.

Experiment!! My 4 years old loves to do experiments with baking soda and vinegar, shaving cream, glues and food dyes, food dye with milk etc.