Activities for 3 months old

Hi all, my LO is 3 months old now. I'm wondering what kind of activities should I do with my LO in the day. we have been repeating the same activities and I feel that LO is bored. We do morning exercise and chatting and playing everyday

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You can experiment with mirrors. Hang a mirror on the wall, tap it and say your baby’s name. Slowly introduce different parts of the face/expressions :) Another activity you can try is to collect a variety of scents (flowers, cookies) and place them under your baby's nose, and see which is preferred.

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Thats all they do basically hahaha. Now i sometimes just put around him his toys and just let him be while i mind my own business. When he's bored then i will entertain him. I'm also not sure what i should do 🤔

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My lo is 3 months plus now. I also always do the same things over and over again. Tummy time, sing songs, chit chat and let her self entertain by putting her on the playmat.

read, flashcards, sensory games, walk in the park, sing, dance (my lo loves it!), tummy time

How about flash cards with colours? Singing nursery rhymes will be great too :)

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Nursery rhymes, sing sing, flash card like different animals

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Hi... try playtime with sensory bin.

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Reading is the best(: