What are the pros and cons of growing up in a joint family verses nuclear family in India?

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My husband used to live in a joint family, and he still raves about how much fun it was. All the cousins would live under one roof, will have same meal time, would go to picnics together and what not. And I guess, given a choice he even today won't mind a joint family set-up. But I do not support joint family set-up. No doubt, you have a support structure and as they say, kids are being taken care of even when you are not around, but one has to pay for it by giving away your privacy. Your personal life is badly affected with every one poking their nose and giving their opinions. There's compromise in nuclear family with just your husband whereas in joint family you have to compromise in every situation and with as many people as there are. Quite a herculean task, I guess.

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i have experienced both, and for me, on a personal level, a nuclear family is welcome any day. i primarily grew up in one, and my kids are also part of a nuclear family setup. the difference i feel doesn't suit me is that in a joint family, there are too many opinions and ways of living that often tend to confuse the kids. and the biggest problem is about disciplining them, as they tend to be constantly pampered by the elders. of course it is true that a joint family offers a lot of support when you have to take care of your kids, but i would rather take on some extra responsibilities and raise my kids my way, than otherwise.

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Every thing has their pros and cons. Same goes with joint or nuclear family. Below is my point of view on both... Joint Family - Pros: living together.. having fun.. support of everyone... good enough bonding with everyone Cons: No privacy... too much pampering of kids... more the people more the issues amongst them Nuclear Family - Pros: Privacy.. better nuclear family bonding... nobody interfering in your decisions... comparatively less issues.. even less work for that matter :P Cons: Taking up all responsibilities all alone... lacking support

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