I've gotten 3 Philippines maid recommendations from some family maids. What shld I look out for when I interview? And how much salary shld I pay according to years of experience

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You need to look at their experience first to see if it aligns with your requirement. If you want someone to help with child care, make sure the helper has that experience. You need to see also how their actions are and their also their attitude during your one on one interview. Be clear with your expectations of them and analyse their responses. Someone with 3-4 years experience charges around $650 per month

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During the interview maybe cn give a list of chores expected of them to complete. And see their reaction. Sorta test to see hw sincere/willing they are. Some maid expect the least while some are very keen on getting employed that they r willing to do wtv it takes. In terms of pay, maybe can check out agency market rates and do a fair comparison. Good luck!

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Are you looking at child care primarily? Then I would look at experience and I would also look at personality...because if they are dealing with your child -- they need to be a more gentle and caring person. As for salary anything with 3-4 years of experience the market rate is around $650

Sometimes it’s hard to judge based on just the interviews as some are really good liars. So I will try to judge if they are sincere and honest. So attitude and personality are impt. However, it still comes to luck when choosing a helper.

Look out for passion and responsible type.. with experience will be best. And must have initiative to do things.

Trustworthiness—ask them how they would describe their former employer. Hygiene is also important.

Personality, experience and their passion too https://www.imoney.sg/articles/foreign-maid-cost/

I would look for Hygiene, trustworthy and attitude

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Do look out for personality, experience , etc

Most important to me is the personality...