What are other food do you give to your baby when they are 7 months? Aside from potato,squash,sayote,carrots,sweet potato. Many thanks. ?

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Hey, You can give cottage cheese, minced chicken, soup, grinded nuts (almonds), egg yolk at first and see if the baby is adjusting to it, as some babies are allergic to eggs. So, if she likes it and shows no sign of allergy, you can say after a week start egg white as well. Boiled and mashed vegetables, pulses. Start with all yellow dals as chick peas and beans would be heavy for the immature digestive system. Porridge, avocado, upma, idli etc. http://www.shishuworld.com/food-chart-meal-plan-for-7-months-old-baby/

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I mix oats to my puréed veggies and fruits. I prepare three flavors weekly (working mom here) and make sure the supply will last a week. I've tried apple and broccoli, sweet potato and pear, spinach and squash (not too much spinach because very bitter ;)

In addition to the fruits and vegetables, you can already give your 7-month old chicken and white meat. You can of course give your baby rice and oats already, parang regular meal na din pero 2x a day lang.

Just want to share yung sinabi ng pedia ni baby ko. Instead daw na sayote ang ipakaen gawin na lang daw na papaya. Water lang daw ang meron sa sayote. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali sa pagkakatanda ko. 😊

Sinigang or kahit anong luto mo na may sabaw with rice. Para masanay na siya sa luto mo. Ung sis in law ko ay pedia, siya mismo nagsusubo sa baby ko nun.

You can try feeding your baby with rice already. Mix it with sabaw of your ulam. Preferably sinigang, nilaga or tinola. Just mash it before feeding.

Oatmeal mixed with veggies or fruits. You can also include avocado and papaya in your food list.

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thanks mommy.. what kind of oatmeal do you used mommy..?

You ca also give Oatmeal, avocado, banana, mango, papaya (ripe and green).

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