What are the most important Filipino values you teach your children?

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Hi Jared! A very good question since millenials are starting to forget the Filipino values nowadays due to technology. But personally, I believed no one should forget the "po" & "opo". I remind my kids to say "po" & "opo" even if they are speaking english words. I always remind them there will always be a room for polite words like "po" & "opo". It is a sign of respect and a sign of being a good Filipino citizen no matter how they get used to speaking in English. :)

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For us parents it is very important to preserve our values and pass it on to our children. For me respect for elders is important which there are practices that they can grew up with, "Pagmamano" and saying "po" and "opo". I always teach my children to be respectful not just to elders but also for other people around them and surely people will respect them back. Hope this helps :)

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Resilience and humor aren't traditional Pinoy values but ones that we're known for. I believe that these two build character and I'd like for my child to have these in her backpocket as she grows up in an ever tumultuous world.

To always show respect for the elderly and never forget where you came from. We also teach them the value of waiting and hard work.