What is the best Filipino Value you want your children to learn and imbibe?

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Respect--to teach as early as possible that each person is unique and different from one another yet all are important; to not think too highly of themselves but also be able to standup for themselves and to not do things that they may feel uncomfortable doing. I personally believe that best way to teach them this is to set as an example for them to follow--and it should start at home.

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I'd like my child to be family oriented. I didn't get to be close to my cousins or my grandparents growing up and I don't want my child to experience that. I think that through this way, she can pick up other values as well like respecting the elderly and treating your peers well.

Prayerful and God-fearing. I want my child to know and understand that God loves her and He will never leave her, nor forsake her. And if she fears the Lord, her actions will be aligned with God's will so all other godly traits will follow.

Our family is very much family orientated, and I want my kids to grow up the same way we were raised. I want them to value the family if as they grow older and have their own family.

Respect for women and the elderly. These are values we will ensure are passed on to the next generation.

Saying po and opo to the older people which means being respectful at all times.