What are the little things you and your children can do to be an environmentally-conscious Filipino family?

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We love biking by the bay near Mall of Asia, whenever we do, i tell my kids to pick up plastics they see along the way. Also, wenever we go to the beach, i tell them that garbage (like bottles, cans, and plastic waste) are not part of the sea and that they destroy the natural habitat of sea creatures. This way, they will learn not to throw waste anywhere and help clean up.

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We use cloth diapers. Disposable ones make up a huge percentage of the non-biodegradable garbage and would you believe that one diaper takes about 500 years to decompose when exposed under sunlight? I could only imagine how much longer they would stay in the face of the earth when disposed underneath the dumps.

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You try to opt for a waste free home and minimize the waste of your home. By simply ditching you cleaning solutions and replacing them with baking soda and vinegar will already be a big help.

I'll teach my daughter to place trash in proper waste bins. Ill also teach her to plant veggies and we'll use organic fertilizers like ground coffee and vegetable peels.

We teach them to segregate trash and not to waste water and energy. We also make sure they don't waste paper and find ways to recycle their stuff.

We use cloth diapers most if the time (we still use disposable when we go out). We also switch off and unplug appliances when not in use.