What's the most effective way to teach your baby to ask you if he wants to pee or poop?

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Hello, There can be many phrases that can be taught to a child, but what I have experienced with my youngest child is that when the real time comes, she would corner me, and tells me in my ear that she wants to go to poop or pee. So, before she says anything I come to know that she has to go to the loo, when she corners me. I think with time she would know how to just plainly say that she need to go use the washroom.

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I have been wanting to train my toddler to do this but I haven't been successful yet. Maybe kulang pa ako sa push and tyaga. My mom told me that we were just a little over a year when we were trained to tell them if we want to pee and poop. So tyagaan lang siguro talaga.

You can probably ask her to mention keywords at first, like 'poop' and 'pee' if they feel they already need to pee or poop, until they get used to it. Always observe how they react to it at first so you can also guide them if they feel hesitant at first.

Hi, I think, if they can ask, "Mom, I would like to use the washroom." I guess, this would be quite decent. I guess by 4 years one can train one's baby to ask this way.