What milk bottles are you all using? My LO is 5 weeks old. Been using spectra pump and spectra wide neck milk bottles 160ml and teats. However spectra bottle neck area is not secure, sometimes milk will leak and their teats will auto flow out milk when i turn the bottle upside down.

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I use Pigeon PPSU bottles which have not leaked at all so far and can be used for 1 year. I prefer wide neck bottles as it is easier to wash and put in the formula powder. Pigeon is also very affordable . My gal also likes the teats. My two nieces also use pigeon. My nephew uses avent bottle but pigeon teats as he doesn't like avent teats.

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I’m using Dr Brown and Hegen. My girl’s good w it. I use Spectra pump and noticed Spectra teats will leak milk when bottle is turned upside down too. Plus the flow’s too quick for my LO. So now I exclusively use those for pumping and will transfer to bags or bottles for future feeds.

Pigeon is generally good as it's soft. If concerned about colic can go for Dr brown. A newer entrant to market is MAMM bottle... haven't tried before but worth a shot.... have heard people complain dr brown and mamm leak though... but u need to try for urself ...

I use spectra too but i use the pigeon wide teat becoz my preemie used that in hospital. Somehow it could fit, just that the teat seems to touch the bottle cover. I bought tommee tippee bottles before I gave birth, hope to be able to use them when bb is older.

I use these from avent to pump with spectra pump. Then store the milk using these bottles as well and feed directly using these bottles with avent teats. So no need to transfer milk at all and minimise contamination. No leakage too.

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6y ago

Not too sure if avent teats are considered hard as i have only tried this brand for my baby. For avent, the teats comes in various types of holes and no. of holes to choose from. My baby used stage 2 (2 holes) for some time and she also drink v fast. Guess u have to trial and error to see which one fits ur baby the best.

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I used Medela calma bottle and teat first (prevent nipple confusion) then moved on to Dr Brown anti colic bottles, then Tommee Tippee closer to nature. No leakage issue for all of them!

I sure spectra or maymom for pumping. I use Pigeon for milk coz it has the anti spill function.. so my pump bottles and milk bottles are different

Mine was using Philips but she request to change to pigeon because her good friend in school is using pigeon. Lol

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Hi mummy, my LO uses Pigeon as Avent teats are too fast for her... But for pumping, I'm using spectra bottles.

In fact i use pigeon bottle with spectra pump. It cannot be fitted nicely but at least is not loose.