Spectra Milk Bottles

Are spectra milk bottles look a bit yellowish after few rounds of uses only? Can i still continue to use it? I only started using for few weeks and e bottles looks yellowish compared to avent bottles.

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Hmm, are you using uv sterilizers? PP plastic will age very fast with multiple rounds of sterilization and will need replacement. If unchanged, hormonal disruptors may start to leech off the plastic. Best to use ppsu bottles, they can withstand more rounds of sterilization and require less replacement https://shopee.sg/product/242594539/5732034154?smtt=0.0.9

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Same. I steam sterilise it. I do continue using for about 4 months.

Yes. I continue to use them until baby turned to 7 months.

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Did you UV the bottles? If yes, it’s normal.

Mimr still looks OK after 2 months plus