My wife and I are expecting our second child, but we want to have more children. I'm curious to see what other Filipino parents think or know about raising families with 3 or more children. Specifically, what are the biggest benefits for a family that big?

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I personally come from a big family. And based on experience, it is without a doubt that having a big family literally means the more the merrier--cliché but true. Though we do have differences and often fight over petty things, at the end of the day, it is that bond that makes everything put together. Also, since we do have a lot of members in the family, it also means that each gets a fair share of responsibility in doing house chores. We also do not need extra hand like getting helpers to do the chores because we have enough manpower :)

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There's no problem with it if you want to have a big family. Big family may mean happiness for some as the know "the more the merrier". I came from a small family with only 1 sibling and it is boring.