Do you think it's necessary for Filipino children to travel around the country while they are still children?

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Definitely. This doesn't just show them the beauty of our country (making them prouder Pinoys); it also makes history lessons easier as they know where Corregidor is, what the culture is like in Luzon vs. Visayas vs. Mindanao, what a fiesta looks like and celebrates, etc.

Memory building ang pag ta-travel. Something na hindi na maibabalik pag dating ng panahon. Ilang taon lang ang igugugol nyo na magkakasama kayo, kapag nag katrabaho na ang mga anak nyo more likely mga barkada na kasama nyan sa pag ta-travel.

Yes. You can also incorporate each country's history para added knowledge sa kanila kahit toddler pa lang. Make sure to take photos also in historic markings and land marks para it well help him sa school pag dating sa history classes.

Yes. Simply because it's nice for kids to create memories in places they go to. And of course, it would be closer to their hearts if they start touring their own country.

Very. It's good for children to be exposed with different sceneries. By this, they'll be educated at an early age.

Yes, it's a good learning experience for kids. They will also get to appreciate the beauty of their own country.