What kind of sex positions worked for you for getting impregnated? Would love to hear your stories.

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For me, all my 3 babies were conceived by missionary position. According to WebMD, while there are no scientific studies regarding the best sexual positions for baby-making, the missionary (man on top) position is typically considered optimal for conception. http://www.webmd.com/infertility-and-reproduction/features/truth-about-sexual-positions-getting-pregnant For my friends who are having inverted uterus (or known as Retroverted uterus), they commented that they used missionary position and propped up the butt with a pillow after sex to let the sperm swims further in. http://womenshealthnet.org/best-sexual-positions-for-women-with-tipped-uterus/

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our first baby was not planned but we did have to try for the second one. we did it only in the regular missionary position, as that is the most effective when you are trying to get pregnant. also, the moment your partner ejaculates inside you, you should elevate your hips and waist slightly, by placing a cushion underneath. also, keep the legs elevated by folding them at the knee and stay like this for about 30 minutes. this will help the sperm travel where it needs to and increase chances of pregnancy.

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2y ago

Gender depends on genetic not position btw..

For me, to put it very crudely, as long as no condoms worn, & he ejaculates inside me, I will get pregnant irregardless of what positions as long as I am ovulating. I proven myself right with both pregnancies hahaha.