What kind of milk is good for the first trimester? Full cream milk? Skim? Soy milk? Almond milk? Has anyone tried Anmum Materna? I was told not to drink milk as it might make the baby grow big and I will have difficulty during labour.

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I drink Frisomum. You can get free samples from pretty much all the milk companies, just request from their websites: Frisomum, Similac Mum, Enfamama, etc. You can still drink maternal milk even when breastfeeding. I drink soy milk occasionally.

3y ago

Thank you for your reply :)

Any kind of milk is fine as milk is a good source of calcium. Ideally maternal milk is good as it is specially formulated for pregnant ladies. I drank diff types of milk, fresh, chocolate, maternal... its up to you.

At the beginning,i drink maternal milk, everythg is fine until i fail my glucose n got gestational diabetes so the dietician ask me to drink low fat fresh milk or soymilk with no sugar daily....

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I’m currently drinking FrisoMum! :) you can try sign up for sample maternal milks on their webpage to see which milk suits your tastebuds 😊

My friend tried Anmum materna. She said it’s good cos she’s not someone who usually drinks milk. I prefer soy milk though.

3y ago

Thanks for your reply :)

I drink anmum materna chocolate before and its good. I just need to switch to low fat fresh milk because of GD.

I'm on frisomum on and off too. Can request for free samples online!

I take regular fresh milk. Full fat. Straight from the fridge.

I drink HL milk almost everyday. Sometimes drink two packets.

Any substitute if I don’t like drinking milk ?