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Hi everyone My lo is 4 yrs old this year. I've stopped giving her formula since last year. Someone told me it is not good. And I should continue giving the formula milk as it is good for calcium and it will help my lo grow fatter. Currently my lo will only drink about 120mls of fresh or full cream milk everyday. I am personally on the thinner side and it does reflect on my lo. What are your opinions?

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I'm not sure if some mummies are aware that formula milk for 1 year old and above(stage 3 onwards) is just a marketing gimmick. Nutrients in it gets lesser and more in sugar instead that's why the price is usually cheaper than newborn formula milk. After 1 year old, source of nutrients should focus more on foods they eat especially the veggies and fruits. You can start giving your LO fresh milk instead.

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Since u are on the thinner side then ur LO may have inherited ur genes. No need to fatten her up i would say. My kids transited to fresh milk at ard 18 mths and still maintained between 75-90 percentile. So i would think no diff between FM and fresh milk.

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Your child should be getting most of her nutrients from fruits, vegetables, meat, rice etc... That's their main source of food, not milk anymore... Both options are OK and 120ml is OK for her too.. Is she eating her food well?

We give 6year old ,3 normal meals a day and also formula milk twice a day. Her breakfast will include formula milk, as well as before she goes to bed.

Won’t matter if drinking formula or fresh milk. In face can start fresh milk for 1 year old and above. As Long as she is drinking milk is enough

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Hi... you might find this article informative

Hi, I would say both of the options are fine as long as your child is getting fresh milk :)

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Ok. Perfectly fine. My friend stop giving her son fm at 1yo. Change to fresh milk also ok.

Both options are fine