What kind of learning tools (toys or books etc) for my 13 month old daughter? I want her to pick up words and understand colours, since she loves Lego toys.

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In my experience, kids learn colors by regular iteration from others. For example, you could show her the leaves of a tree and mention that it's green. Do that again with some other green object and again and again. Then some more. Then ask her what color is another green object. I used this methodology when my kid was 1yo -- don't remember the innumerable times I did this with different colors. One day we were playing a new game -- inserting different-colored straws in a bottle with a hole in the lid. I asked her to insert a yellow straw, she did that. Then, a green one, she did that. Then a blue, and a red and so on. That was an eye opener for me that 'Hey, she has learnt it!!' Even now when my kid is 2yo, I make it a point to brush up her knowledge of colors.

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