What advice to pass on to LO

What kind of advice did you wish you received as a child that you want to pass on to your LO?

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I wish I was taught how to properly deal with bullies. Like proper strategies. Even as an adult, when i encounter those who tend to bully, i back down and don't stand up to them. However, I'm doing a lot of reading about bullying and equipping my kids with some solid techniques to deal with bullying.

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Don’t hold back to say sorry because it’s only human to make mistakes. Say your please(s) and thank you(s) to show appreciation and always remember to tell your loved ones that you love them.

I would advice my LO to never be scared of trying new things just because you might end doing a mistake. You learn from your mistakes :)

Don’t be afraid to lose. Giving is always happier than taking.

Dont be afraid to fall and make mistakes :)

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Stay happy and be whom you want to be!

Believe that you can, cos you can.

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be honest and supportive