What is your greatest Mum regret when your baby was between 0-2 yrs ?

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Not trying to breastfeed longer. I gave up once maternity leave was over as I could not handle work and breastfeeding at the same time. It was also tough enough to deal with the mounting work load, and the guilt of being away from office for 4 months - could not imagine also having to request down time for pumping. In hindsight I regret this. Should have insisted to take the six months off from work and devoted the extra two months to complete the 6 month journey.

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For me, I guess it would be not saving my older child's pictures and videos in multi places. I had save at least 12GB into my passport, but only recently discovered that it was since corrupted. Now I only have bits and pieces of her newborns stage in Facebook

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Not taking enough photos and documenting down all her milestones


I should have learned to relax and enjoy time with baby

I regret not for been too protective