Switching from bm to fm

Has anyone ever changed from feeding baby breast milk to formula milk when LO was less than 4 months? Did you regret your decision?

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I had to do mixed feed since baby is 1 week old as I wasn't producing enough and baby was in NICU. I'd say change to formula if u have a gd reason for it cz BM is still the best for baby. I feel guilty at times for having to supplement with FM but it's sth I can't control. If u have no issues with milk supply and baby is latching fine but u just feel tired from breastfeeding all day, pump and do bottle feeding. Or if u're having supply issue, do mixed feeding, at least baby still gets ur BM. I do FM x2 a day and the rest BM. Baby is still gaining healthily.

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BM is the best and if you have ENOUGH to supply your baby then don’t change to FM. Afterall FM is all processed. If you think your supply is “LOW” dont worry, by now 4 months already your milk supply is just nice for your baby! At this stage however much your BM supply is it’s to your baby’s need! No such thing as low or what! Just LATCH

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Baby was in NICU initially. Hence, on BM and FM since birth. Switched to full FM as BM is too low in supply and baby is difficult to take care. However, baby is suspected to have CMPA later on and is on special formula since.

my boy is on mixed feed since birth. there was too much stress n i was low supply and had anxiety issues and decided to go on FM. i still BF my boy every morning and night time. he's growing well and gaining weight.

looking back, no don't regret but there was a mixed feeling when my LO was first introduced to FM. the final thought is as long as she's healthy that's all that matters.

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if you feel the bm is not sufficient or baby feels still hungry then can be given fm as well. I started after 1 month so was giving both bm and fm .


quite a number of my friends did regret. they don't have boobs to ease baby. baby tend to be more fussy. especially during leap they went crazy.

From the start my child was on both . I didn’t want to stress myself as I was a first time mum . So from birth he son was on both BN and FM .

Bm is natural and best. But if you have a valid reason to do so. dont worry and do it.

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no regret, as bm supply was simply too low