What is the greatest thing you gave up for your child?

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My self, I guess? I was giving so much to my kids that it went to a point where I was already neglecting taking care of myself. My days went by without brushing hair, wearing decent clothes and not even caring if my skin is dry or my nails are a nightmare already. My aspirations slowly escapes me and I was burying myself with worries and doubts. I was sacrificing too much of myself thinking that it's good to give up all of me so I can live solely for my kids. It's a good thing I have a strong support system and that I never lost grip in my faith. Slowly, I'm regaining what I had that I hid somewhere to be left forgotten. I'm glad to share to other moms that giving up yourself for your family is not a heroic act. Nurturing and pushing to be a better version of yourself each day benefits your family more than it benefits you. :) :D

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I would have to say my plans for myself. Though I am really grateful that I have a child now, I must say that we didn't plan her. I am 25 years old that time, having fun in Manila and building my career. When I had her, it was devastating at first because I had to give up my plans of establising my career, going out with friends whenever I want to, and the leisure of buying things that I want.

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I guess everything that makes me happy when I was still single. I thought I was having the time of my life back then. But when I had my first born, all my aspirations in life have changed. My life almost had a full turn but I would never ever regret that I have sacrificed and gave up those things for my children.

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My Time! Time is no longer mine as I have to share it with my LO. His movements will decide what am I going to do. Nowadays I dont hang out friends that often and I may have to take leave from work if my baby is unwell. nevertheless, it is still sweet and worthwhile to see the child growing happily and healthily!

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Time. Like sleep, me time, time with friends. However, I gain much more than I gave for my child. I gain strength, mother instinct & love. Lastly my precious child which I will give up anything if I need to, to keep her healthy & happy

Work. Have been a career woman all my life but now I am staying home for the kids. No more promotion, paid holiday and all those perks but I do not regret anything. Motherhood is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me :-)

for me would be most of my "times".. ME time, sleep time, toilet time, entertainment time.. though losing those but greatest gift of all is to have 2 little princes into my life... they are basically my everything now.. ;)

My social life and my sleep! Lol! But now my kids are older, I can arrange play dates with my Buddies' kiddos! We found a few indoor playgrounds with cafe where mummies can chat and the kiddos play.