What are your options if you want to separate with your partner, especially since there's no divorce in the Philippines?

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I guess you have to seek legal advice first if you need to have an agreement on certain aspects like custody of the child, financial matters, distribution of properties, etc. If both of you have agreed to it, then there shouldn't be a problem since you know that both sides will cooperate. If not, there are also legal insitutions that offer services in case you would need to file a case especially if there is violence involved.

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Sorry to hear about the misfortune. i can't offer any much advice but I know an annulment is always a viable option. Though, the romatic in me wants to share this article I found: https://ph.theasianparent.com/9-signs-can-still-save-marriage/ Best of luck!

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Annulment is the only legal option here in Philippines, if you intend to get married in the future.

Legal separation or annulment of marriage are the options available for you.