Glue for shoes

What glue is suitable for shoes? Any brand to recommend and where to buy?

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i usually use superglue 😅 but yes like what other parents have said, best to go to a cobbler especially if you don’t want to ruin a good pair of shoes!,

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Most will work fine. Aye try to ask at the hardware store. If you really want something heavy duty, try to find this brand called shoegoo

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Won’t last long if you glue yourself. Best to go to shoe repair shop for a more professional fix

Home Fix's Selleys shoe glue or majority hardware store might sell them

Try getting some heavy duty glue . Super glue etc don’t last long

2y ago

Where can you get them?

I recommend you go to a cobbler or a shoeshop

I usually just use some superglue from NTUC

Best to go to a shoe shop to fix it

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Try Selleys Shoe Glue 

I just use superglue