What can we give if baby is having cough and flu? Thanks

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I used to give my child Tempra for flu (3x a day, 0.6 - 1.0ML depending on her age) for continuous 3 days. I'm not sure if it's available in SG though. For cough, we've proven and tested that pure oregano extract does the trick! (Pick 2-3 oregano leaves ; wash thoroughly; put on top of steamed or cooked rice making it moist and retaining the extract rather than boiling it directly in water; leave it there for 5-8 mins; extract leaves juice using your clean hands to feeding spoon; feed directly to baby before nursing. This makes her throw up the phlegm due to the pungent taste or will poop them (happened when she grew up and liked oregano already).

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Nursing as much as possible if you are breastfeeding. Cough may sometimes be due to back drip from flu. Cough and flu os usually a "package". Basically to clear the flu, i would use nasal drop or saline solution. Thereafter, let baby sleep slightly higher so that the mucus won't flow backwards. Wearing a pair of socks to keep the baby from further cold.

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Breastfeed is the best if you are still breastfeeding your baby. Nursing as much as posible to ensure baby is having enough fluid. Avoid contact with people who are sick at home and avoid crowed places in order to minimize virus. Most importantly is the hand hygiene. Washing your hands after contact with each different child.

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7y ago

I tried some of these and thought it was quite good. Especially the NOse Frida... can try. http://www.smartparents.sg/en/toddler/buyer-s-guide-7-ways-to-6214530

If you're breastfeeding, try to have your baby latch more. We've been doing this and it's really working. Unli-latch relieves sickness. My wife and I are also doing the old school way of letting our baby inhale the mist of boiling water with salt in a pot. But of course, extra caution required.