Flu and cough

My 4 months baby is having flu and cough... Is there any remedy besides vicks

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Its best to bring your child to a PD to get him/her checked first. Once it has been diagnosed accordingly, you might want to use essential oils as an extra boost to help your child heal besides relying on consumption of medications only. You can try purchasing it from places like Inara Organics,Kidz Paradise etc.

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Has your baby seen the doctor yet? Best for doctor to check up on your baby. Outside Vick’s, try Olbas Oil for baby. You put a bit on baby’s clothes and pillow. It helps baby breathe easier

You should visit the doctor. You can try to suction out nasal mucus using saline drops and a suction bulb or moisturize the air with a humidifier.

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Please see a doc, if need to, doc will use a nebulizer to administer medication. Continue breastfeeding if you are still breastfeeding.

Try garlic balm available at ig fb or carousell easily and warm lemon bath this is for phlegm and helps baby to sleep soundly

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4 months old is still quite young. Put vicks under sole and wear socks. If it is still quite serious, do see a pd

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Do bring your baby to a pd if possible. Self medicate for babies is not advisable esp if they are having cough.

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Best to bring your baby to visit your family doctor for consultation. Don’t self medicate.

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Try eculyptus oil. A few drops on your lo’s pillow while he sleeps is a good remedy. Do see a doc as well because of the cough.

Baby is still too younger to try most remedies...Please go see a doc or bring to TCM