What do you pay your maid if she works on a Sunday?

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$20-$25 for a whole days works seems so little. I would advise at least $50 for the extra day, especially as this means that she doesn't get a day off for a 2 weeks!

Most agencies advise with $20/day for off days untaken but i guess it really depends if u wanna offer more, it's not an issues since the helper gets the sum not the agency

We pay her $25 for every day off she doesn't take. My helper rather save that money, and take once a month off only. All the better for me!

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We give her 3 off days a month and her 1 Sunday that is not off is included in her salary. If she works on her off day $25 seems fair.

We usually compensate her with another day off. This might be an option you want to consider as well

I pay her the usual salary plus the prorated salary * 1.5 for extra days/hours she works for

Yes. I pay $25 for every Sunday or PH i ask her to work on.