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Hi can I get some advice on what are the dos and donts of maid off day. My maid has agreed to the timing of 10am-8pm on her off day and also agreed to do some light duties minimally to wash the dishes before she leaves and come back. Today, she “changed her mind” and send me a text that I need to pay her if I expect her to work on her off day, after I asked her to wash the dishes on her off day. Who is right or wrong? What to do to reconcile and make my maid happy as I have 2 kids under 2 and I don’t want her to take it out on my Kids? #Firsttimemaidemployer

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Agree with what other mummies has said. During their off days, the wouldn’t be doing any work. It’s like I won’t be gg to the office or replying emails on weekends. Have a nice chat with her. My helper who has been with us for 6 years is very open about things like this. She volunteers to wash clothes in the morning before heading out for her off days. Sometimes she feels bad for leaving the clothes unwashed! We have to “chase” her out and asked her to enjoy her off day. Of course all of these happened because we have a strong bond together already.

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Personally I don’t ask the helper to do any chores on the off day, whether she agreed or not. This is cos I operate on the basis that I would not like to be asked to reply to work emails (which if I were asked I would of course say ok to) on my non-working days. If I were you, I would tell her that she had agreed. But now that she doesn’t want to, u are prepared to let this slide given that it is her off day. I will keep the conversation simple and end this issue after.

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hmmm I am guessing ur maid agreed initially then after talking to some friends whom are also maids, she regretted.. now knowing her work rights she changed her mind... off day is off day, to me.. but the maid in my household, on her off day, still makes our breakfast before she heads out, and comes back in the evening to clean up the house.. dun mind I ask, why are u expecting her to still wash your dirty dishes on her off day??

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I don’t let my helper to work during her off day she can rest just 1 day and work 6 days a week shes a human being just try to put yourself on her work 6 days a week and if your boss ask you work during your off day and that’s you family day do u agree without extra pay?

normally when my helper went on off day I won't expect her to return from her day off and do the leftover dishes which normally we can do it ourselves. it's just like your rest day, your boss won't text you and do a report immediately and send them right.

I’m with the helper tho. I wouldn’t want my boss to text and bother me on my off days, let alone hands on. If you’re being required to come back during off days / OT during working days, naturally you’ll want to be paid for your time.

She is right....its her off day if u want her to do extra work irregardless how light u either pay her or do it urself. Everyone needs a break. Also not every maid is evil so please dont assume that she will "take it out on ur kids"

helper should not be working when it is off day. i told my helper that I will pay her if she needs to be away for a few hours in the afternoon. she will work in the morning and evening.

would think that off day means rest day to them, so not expecting to work else need to pay them.. just like us if we go office work of rest day, we are being paid (if cover under MOM)

would think that day off means no need to work cause if it were my off day I wouldn't want to work unless emergency