What do I do about itching during pregnancy? I am in my second trimester and itchy all over the belly.

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As there will be stretching and tightening from your growing belly, your skin may feel dry and itchy. Your changing hormones may be causing the itching as well. Couple all that with the tropical weather, itching is bound to happen. Avoid hot showers and baths because they dry out your skin and cause itching. Try warm baths instead. You should also moisturise a lot and go for unscented products as it's less likely to irritate. Also, wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes will least likely agitate your skin especially in our region's tropical climate. You can also try oatmeal baths or soothing bath products such as Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment. This product retails at around 20 SGD and you can get them at iherb.com for discounted prices.

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I use palmer coconut lotion and the itching reduce. Try not to scratch it coz it will leave scars after all and we dont want to have that on our skin. Try to softly rub if it feel itchy and u automatically is rubbing ur baby too. So practice it ya and please please dont scratch it. I almost scratch it too during my early pregnancy but looking at 2 of my sister skin after having 4 kids without any scars that is my motivation. 😍😍

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As Idza mentioned, it's usual to have itchy skin because your tummy skin is stretching. What I did before was to keep a bottle of Palmer's body lotion (cocoa yums!) by the side of my bed and lather it all over for tummy before going to sleep. Palmer's lotion are available in most pharmacies and supermarkert and costs only about $6+. Otherwise, you can use your favourite stretchmark cream top ease the itchy skin as well.

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you need to make sure that your skin is moisturized at all times, especially the tummy area. as your skin stretches, it tends to itch. you can try the himalay for moms range. they have some really good and affordable body butters that use naturally soothing scents such as lavender and jasmine and are also a herbal brand, so it's good. avoid taking very hot baths as the hot water will further dry out your skin.

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itching during pregnancy is very common as your skin gets stretched out due to the growing baby and tummy. it is important to keep your skin properly moisturized. i would recommend using the Palmer's cocoa butter formula. i used it a lot during my pregnancy and after my baby was born and it really helped in making the skin feel soft and reducing itching completely.

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Hi Avantika...like so many of the other moms already mentioned, you can use some good moisturizing body butters especially on the tummy area. also, i would suggest use a non-drying body gel while taking a bath, so that your skin does not feel excessively dry. and don't forget to use the moisturizer a few times a day.

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You can apply DL icare organic moisturiser oil sis .. it’s work 100% for me .. no itchiness all .. can see different in 2 days .. I starting apply this product since my first pregnancy journey .. so far no dark bad stretch mark ..

To add on, I find it is less itchy if I stay in air-con room compared to non air-room and thus nowadays I will switch on air-con to ease the itchiness.

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