What do I do about itching during pregnancy? I am in my second trimester and itchy all over the belly.

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As there will be stretching and tightening from your growing belly, your skin may feel dry and itchy. Your changing hormones may be causing the itching as well. Couple all that with the tropical weather, itching is bound to happen. Avoid hot showers and baths because they dry out your skin and cause itching. Try warm baths instead. You should also moisturise a lot and go for unscented products as it's less likely to irritate. Also, wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes will least likely agitate your skin especially in our region's tropical climate. You can also try oatmeal baths or soothing bath products such as Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment. This product retails at around 20 SGD and you can get them at iherb.com for discounted prices.

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