I have a sore throat in third trimester. What can I do? It's so itchy and coughing makes my belly hurt :(

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I drank honey with lemon and ginger, turn down my level sugar was high. I have dry cough and itchy throat for a month, seen doctor at twice and still have not gone. I drink ginger before bed, clean mouth with salt, and it getting a bit better. I’m still have dry cough though.

Honey workds well for a cough. If nothing works, please see your doctor.

Drink a tea with ginger, honey and lemon. Also, try TCM.


Best to check with your doctor

Super Mum

Take some manuka honey..

Honey water to soothe?

Drink honey water?

See gp


Check with your gynae whether you can use a throat spray to keep your throat moist so less itchy?