I am pregnant with my second baby and in my second trimester. So my girl keeps asking me about my 'tummy fat.' How do I break the news of my pregnancy to her?

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i am not sure how old your daughter is, but since she is asking, i think this is a good time to introduce the concept of a younger baby coming in and your daughter becoming a big sis! you can tell her that you are planning to bring in a new baby brother or sister for her, and this little baby will be sent when your tummy grows this much big ... till then, your daughter and you all have to be very careful and make sure you eat healthy, and that you also spend a lot of time together, so that when the new baby arrives, you can include him or her in your special mom child activities too. tell her the growing size of your belly is like an alarm, at the end of which the baby will arrive. of course if your daughter is a little older you can tell her the baby is inside you, as it might gross out younger kids :)

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pls prepare her now itself abt the new arrival. talking in simple words like mommy is going to get you a baby brother or sister. keep it positive. help her by using her doll to teach her how to hold...play pretend game using the doll as a baby, like u can say to her...look baby is crying, so let's see why...then chk the doll and say something like oh...she needs a diaper change, and put on a small cloth under the doll or let's put some music on, or let's rock her to sleep....so saying this will create a normalized condition in her mind and u won't have to face issues like insecurity or irritation bcoz all attention goes to the baby. talk to ur husband to show more attention to ur daughter so ur girl doesn't feel ignored.

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just ask wheter would she want a little brother or a little sister. Nothing too difficult. Kids tend to be quite understanding when it comes to this sort of stuff :)

Just tell her mummy is pregnant.. there's a baby inside your tummy.... she will be a big Sister... slowly she will accept it

Am on the same page as u are, my girl is ready for another baby but won't let my tummy rest. She is beating the baby inside me already

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prepare her by saying that she will be having a younger brother or sister to play with in few months..

Uh should tell her by saying there will be a new member im future to play with her