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What brand of fm are most recommended for 1year old baby?My baby turning oneyear old soon

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My baby boy is 2yr old today. And he Still not talking any words except amma.. mama.. is This normal? Pls i need ur comments..

first I aso use enfagrow.. but my bby not ok.. then now I change to pediasure.. it's really good fomula milk.. nothing any problems..😊

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ok sis..thanks ☺

must try & error ..for example; some babies are OK with "A" brand...some not.. so we as mom have to try and error.

infagrow ... just suggestion .πŸ˜‰ infagrow kandungan susu original . lain budak lain penerimaan just try first .

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My 1 year nephew drink enfagrow.. Need to try and error.. Hv to try what milk is suitable for them.

i year old baby can start consuming fresh milk, better than give him fm that have a lot of sugar.

so far so good for me my baby drink lactogen at least 2 years it's ok

im giving my son fresh milk..brand farm fresh.

I'm giving Anmum & Dutch Baby for my kids..

try this. nanpro, morinaga bf1, dumex dupro