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what fm do u feed your baby? anyone give enfalac A+? my baby consumed this since his 2months. now he is 7months old.

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Tulis jawapan

I give mamex cherish.. before enfalac but got colic and constipated.. then change to mamex cherish.. okay but the weight and height not very good.. plan to change to another milk..

I gave , s26 gold, Dutch lady for under 12 months and above 12 months lactogrow and if got money enfagrow . any milk is best if your baby is gaining weight well

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Similiac for prem then dutch baby. Might be changing milk after this because the growth is not very good. Not in term of weight but the height.

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I’m giving enfalac only... my baby can’t consumed A+😖

3y ago

anmum. hehe

all my daughter enfalac.... starting on 6 or 1 years... ok...

at first i gave novalac then after 12m i change to anmun

i give enfalac A+

lactogen since born,now 3 month

Nan Milk . For my baby girl

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Dumex dupro