One year old milk and food intake

I’m a first time mum and my baby boy just turned one year old. May I know what are the milk intake (how many ounce per feeding and times per day)? And how many times do the baby needs for solid food feeding? My boy had eczema and there are a lot of food that trigger his eczema. So far, he only had sweet potato, pumpkin and potato with porridge blended into puree. Would appreciate other mummy for your kind advices and sample of feeding schedule. Thanks.

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Hi mama, my baby is 1 year old too.. what i usually do is, solid food 3x a day for bfast, lunch, and dinner (he can hve his snack btween tht time). He will only hve his milk before his nap time (2x during daytime/4-5oz) and 1x before night sleep (also4-5oz), and during night sleep before i change his diaper i normally gve 3 oz only, also around 4-5am 😅 but depending on some babies they dont awake too often during night time. I dont hv any experience with ezcema. Sorry 😬 but i hope this might helps :)

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9mo ago

Thanks mummy for ur kind advices. Is it possible that you share with me what are the sample of food that u gave for breakfast, lunch and dinner? And snacks too.