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What kimd of enrichment class shd i sent my 4yrs girl to? Thank you

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This is probably a question you should ask your daughter - yup you read that right! Find out what she likes to do and ask if she wants to learn more about it, or whether there's something she's interested in - then let her go do it (within whatever budget/circumstance you have)! If your daughter tells you she likes hip-hop or martial arts, so be it - that's what she likes so just let her go do it, or at least try it out. There's no point forcing her to join activities that she doesn't like, because she'll only be doing it for you. Let her do what she likes and be happy with it. And if she tried something and doesn't like it, let her leave it - some may say it's a waste of time and money, but if you can afford to do so, I think it's a great way to let your child be exposed to things early so she can figure out what she likes and what she doesn't :)

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it depends actually. when my girl was 3. she wanted to do ballet. then she was too young for that. when she hits 4 she wanted to do dance. and it varies along the years. she is 6 now. and loves craft. so i guess u shud ask your child what is their interest 😁

you could always encourage her to try out ballet! I took Speech and Drama and ballet as a child! Maybe she would love it too!

Hey, I would suggest dancing and swimming. But do check with your daughter as well on her interests as then she will enjoy even more

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Depends on her interest. But I feel swimming is a good to learn when young

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Depend on what ur kids like.. Swimming is good to start young

I send mine to dance, gym and Swimming and yoga


Art and music are the best for this age.

drawing , speech and drama, dance

Art school is always fun.