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When my child was 18 months old, I enrolled her into her first enrichment class. It was a phonics class. The reason why I enrolled her for it was for her to be expose to the sound and words early. Thereafter I also enrolled her into Heguru to help her in the brain development. Although at the initial stage she showed some resistance in attending the classes, over time she enjoy the classes. And as a result from the early exposure to enrichment classes, it have benefitted my girl to be more sociable and is now more acceptance towards enrichment classes. Are you also a KIASU parent? Let me what’s the most KIASU thing that you did for your child. Do you agree with what I did? Will you send your child for enrichment class at 18months, else how old do you think it will appropriate to send your child for such class?

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hmm.. I've no plan to send my kids to any enrichment classes because I don't think there's a need till they tell me they are interested in xxxxx... it's not that I'm not kiasu, maybe I was brought up that way, no toys, no enrichment etc so I find it not necessarily for my kids but if there's a center that educate Japanese culture, I might not hesitate to enrol my kids, I would like my kids to be independent as they are.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. 🥰