What are good, home-based business ideas for a stay at home mum?

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Here’s an article with some great suggestions: http://sg.theasianparent.com/home-based-business-for-stay-at-home-moms-sahm/ With some planning, prioritizing and time management, you can put your skills into good use and take a break from your mother duties. However, if you feel that the stress of juggling everything is getting to you, don’t feel obliged to continue with the same intensity. Take a short break from your work. One of the benefit (and also a drawback) of having a home-based business is that you can have control over the pace and workload. Have fun and enjoy the process!

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I think home based business ideas are quite good to make some side income to help ease the load off your husband. If you're good in crafting or knitting, you can make little dresses and girls' accessories like top bows, head bands & clips. Plus, other mummies generally love buying accessories for baby girls so with the right marketing (think instagram, facebook and carousel), you'll easily find your customer based. But of course, like Hui Qun mentioned, it's important not to overstress yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need to :)

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I have a few friends who take the initiative to tap on their hobbies be it crafts (making diaper cakes) baking (catering cupcakes for events) sewing (making kids costumes or dolls) or blogging to earn cash This is a super cute idea, making dino tails for toddlers then calling them 'toddlersaurus' heh 😛 https://www.instagram.com/sewistic/

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there's a lot you can do from home, especially if you are planning to start a business. baking classes or baking and selling, teaching a particular hobby or academic subject, selling online, recruiting and working as a head hunter, starting a booking agency for travel are some options you could look at.

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ParentTown interviewed Sher-Li Torrey founder of Moms@Work on how stay at home moms can work as well! Here's the link - Click on TV more for episodes :) http://parenttown.com/topic/how-to-climb-the-corporate-ladder-and-be-a-supermom

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starting a hobby class, yoga or meditation classes, baking and even starting an HR or content based business are some good options.