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Dear mommies, can share what your kids will do after school? Not intended to send them to enrichment classes in young age. Thanks for sharing.

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My kids come home from school at 2.30pm, have their lunch and shower. They then finish their homework and get together with the neighbourhood kids to play. They play for around two hours. Sometimes my helper takes them to the pool downstairs with the other kids.

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How old are your kids and what time do they end school? My toddler is in full day childcare so by the time he's back home, it's dinner, shower, then free play time with the sisters. Milk, TV or play, milk and it's bed time.

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End school at 5pm..Usually play and tv time before sleeping. Sometimes with homework too.

Usually after school, she will just shower, eat and nap. After that will do some homework. Mostly will bring her to the playground to play with other kids. Sometimes we do puzzles together

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After school, My children will shower, take lunch and nap for an hour. When they wake up in the afternoon, they will do their homework and play at the park.

Shower then take a nap, finish their homework and had dinner then family bonding time where we will watch tv together or play some board games.

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Mostly take a late lunch, tea break, do homework , a bit of screen time, some doodling or free play , that's it!

Eat, do homework, go to the playground, shower, have dinner and sleep 😊

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Gliding , playground and some board puzzles follow by story books

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Colouring, Puzzles, Cooking Toys, Pretend Play

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Eat, Shower, nap, and some reading