My LO kept digging her right ear but she did not scream or showed any signs of pain. I saw ear wax in her ear but did not dare to dig. Is there any way that I could ease her discomfort?

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My Pd also prescribed tropex drops for my gal bcoz her right ear inside was reddish and there was buildup of ear wax. But tropex drops can only use for five days so after that my gal still tugs her ear. Too young to remove her wax too. I read that dehydration causes the ear wax to have the constitency to build up so keep her hydrated

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How old is ur LO? Can put olive oil drops at night before sleep to help it come out to the outside. When u see it at the outside, u can "scrap" it w ur little finger's nail

Olive oil or coconut oil, ill use a ear buf to gently clean it out. Moat likely if its not pain the discomfort could be caused by the itch prolly.

Last time when my elder boy was barely 1yo, dr prescribed some olive oil to drip 1 drop after shower into his ear n massage.

My PD asked us to apply Tropex ear drops. She said to avoid water getting in to the ears when bathing.