What age did you start brushing your lo's teeth? What brand of toothbrush and toothpaste did you use?

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I started brushing my baby's teeth when she already has 2 teeth (around 7 or 8 months old). I was not aware before that you can brush after the 1st tooth erupted, plus I was also hesitant to brush because I'm afraid I might make her teeth break or fall. Haha. At first I use silicon/chewable brush and gauze, but when she already has 4 teeth, we switch to a kiddie brush. Sometimes I'm having a hard time brushing her teeth, so after brushing I still wipe her teeth with cloth just to make sure it's clean. We also use toothpaste with flouride (I've read that baby's teeth already need flouride, 1,000ppm), smear size only since she does not know how to spit yet. You may ask your pedia-dentist for further infos about what toothpaste is best for your baby. Hope this helps! Thanks

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I started brushing my children's teeth around 8 months old. As soon as their teeth come out, I think is important to brush it. Started by brushing with boiled water n to let them get used to the brush. When they reached 1 yr old, I bought pigeon toothpaste which is fluoride free. There are many different brands of toothpaste for different ages. I tried a few including those high end but felt the ingred is about the same n pigeon is more economical. See http://www.pigeon.com.sg/product_uri/oral-care/toothpaste-2/toothpaste/ for more info.

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So my baby is 10 months and she has now her 2 tiny front teeth. I asked the pedia if she'll recommend us to start brushing our baby's teeth. She said that cleaning it with gauze is more ideal than buying a tooth brush and toothpaste for our baby's little teeth. But when she turns 1, and has more teeth, that's the time that we visit the dentist and use toothbrush and toothpaste.

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By the time a tooth erupts, it's best to brush it at least twice a day per pedia dentist recommendation. Also, choose a toothpaste brand that contains fluoride as this is necessary in keeping your baby's teeth strong and white. Like recommended above by one mommy, it should be max of 1,000 ppm fluoride. You can use Aquafresh Milk Teeth or Happee Kiddie Toothpaste

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According to dentist, lo's teeth should be brush with the first appearance of teeth. I only manage to brush my lo's teeth when he turned two. Not easy to get him brush during the initial stage. The toothbrush and toothpaste I intro during early stage was from Jack and Jill. It can be bought in www.iherb.com

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I started brushing baby's teeth at one year old. Using colgate brand for his toothbrush and happy toothpaste for kids. But lately i stopped using the toothpaste kasi nakakain nya. Di daw ok yun. Opted for damp cloth placed on my finger for cleaning baby's teeth.

With my eldest, we started brushing his teeth when he turned 1. We used Sansfluo. He had 6 teeth already that time. Sad to say, he's just 3 years old now and his front teeth are destroyed. He loves to eat too much sweets and even if we brush his teeth, it didn't help. :(

We started when she turned one. She's a late blommer, only git her first set of teeth when she was 10 or 11mons. We use Tinny Fangs toothpaste on top of a Pigeon #2 toothbrush and she enjoys it. She even reminds me whenever she pass by our facility.

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gums pa lang, around six months. i bought silicon type finger toothbrush. or minsan daliri lang mismo. massage between thumb ang pointer finger. wala ako nilagay...basta malinis kamay mo