Pinoy moms, at what age did you or do you plan to start potty training your toddler?

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Actually, there isn't any prescribed time to as to when kids should be potty trained. It will depend on your kid's readiness, emotionally and physically. Most girls are seen to be ready at 18 months while boys may take longer to show signs that they're ready. This may or may not be entirely true to your kid. I suggest you watch out for the signs :) if you baby is ready, he/she will show signals of readiness

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It varies for each baby depending on their readiness. My birth doula potty trained her two girls at 14months, while I have friends who have kids who were potty trained at 3years old. For us, I am planning to wait for the signa of readiness before I start potty training my daughter. You can check this link for the checklist:

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My sister-in-law started potty-training his son at the age of 2 and a half, but he only used it for a short period of time. He opted to go potty directly on the toilet bowl and that is much better. Maybe you should introduce the toilet bowl to your child at an earlier age. :)

We tried to potty train our son before he turned 2 years old but to no avail. Until now, he's still wearing diapers all the time, he's 3 years old. Will try again probably in a couple of months. For our daughter, I want to train her before she turns 2. We'll see if it works well with her.

Yung baby ko pag wla xia diaper sa loob ng cr xia nag po po po.... sa sahig nga lng kc d nia abot bowl.. 1 yr old p lng kc xia... ginagawa ko lng cnasama ko xia sa cr kya alm n nia pag cnav punta ka sa cr punta nga xia.... mabilis lng turuan mga bata qng tyatyagain talaga

Ideally, between 1-2 years old dapat na potty train na. But in our case, we weren't successful during those years kasi siguro kulang din sa push.