At what age would you allow your baby to consume sweets?

Hi parents, may I know what are the age will you allow your baby to consume sweets? Thank you.

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Super Mum

Hi, I think it’s highly variable. For me, my kids were allowed things with natural sweetness (eg. Fruits) before the age of 2. They were also weaned off night feeds by about 1 and had a good teeth-brushing routine twice daily. At 2, I occasionally allowed a small amount of chocolate (mostly dark chocolate), homemade jelly (reduced sweetness), occasional small amounts of ice cream, and cake on their birthdays. Oh.. vitamin gummies too. I think bigger amounts of the above started around the age of 4, but currently my 5yo still doesn’t eat pure sweets, since I don’t think they have any nutritional value. Honestly, she’s perfectly happy without them. Haha. And loves her fruits, plus the occasional chocolate or homemade jelly

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