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forgot to take multi vitamins
hello mommies! anyone ever forgot to take multi vitamins? do you all still take even if is late at night?
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Yes yes, I have a tendency to forget too. No problem to take at night.
baby fair
hi mummies! just wanna ask, when you are pregnant, do you go to every baby fair? i’m at beginning of 2nd trimester, not sure if i should start visiting baby fair? if yes what should i look out for fir
Can go compare prices.. And see your future self 💪
I’ve been going to all baby fairs since first trimester cos tbh I have nothing better to do haha. But you can go just to look at things so that you can set your budget. There are times when I find thi
I went to almost all the baby fairs since 1st trim but mainly to recce. unless it's a very good deal, I'll leave all the buying on the third trim
I went to 2 different fairs..mummy's market still the biggest fair.
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I did 😅
Pregnancy Pills
Hi all, just found positive on the pregnancy kit on week5. and still deciding on which hospital/gynae at the moment. so before that should i take some pregnancy pills, anyone has any advice? some said
Just buy normal folic acid at the pharmacy will do. For hospitals and gynae.. My first and second born is from Nuh, my third is from Thomson, my fourth is from KKh and My fifth currently now gg to Nuh