What activity can I do to engage with my three month old baby?

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Try creating sensory bottles at home. It's really fun and easy to do. You just need to use whatever materials you have at home. What you need 1. 1 empty bottle of water 2. Food colouring or a lightly coloured drink (in my example below I am using cranberry juice) 3. Cooking oil or baby oil 4. Glitter or small pebbles or buttons Pour the coloured liquid, add the buttons, glitter, stones and then pour a layer of oil on TOP. Seal with a scotch tape. Engage baby by moving/shaking the bottle. The oil does not stick with the water so it looks like waves. I call this the ocean bottle. You can play this with a baby from 2-3 months all the way till 18 months or so. :) It's also a great way to introduce the basic chemistry concepts to your kids. You can teach them the concept of molecules, polar molecules and densities of water and oil and why they don't mix.

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For myself, I talk and sing to my LO. Do it together by engaging him by holding/ claping his hands, feet etc. Rattle some sound around to develop his listening skills. Also can train his motor skill holding onto various texture of materials like a rattle, soft toys, handkerchief and teether etc. I also put him on tummy time each day for about a few mins. I also read to him. Have fun with your babies=) Regardless of what you do...most importantly is to bond with your baby.

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- Speak in a high-pitched, sing-song voice to help get and keep baby’s attention while you talk - Describe your actions as you dress, feed, and bathe your child. Talk about where you’re going and what you’re doing. - Give baby frequent face-to-face time - Shake a rattle up and down while singing to baby - Show pictures of family and friends and point out smiling faces - Hold up a doll or stuffed animal and point out the different body parts

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Action songs! My cousin used to move my niece's hands and feet around while singing to her when she was 3-4 months old. She also got my niece colourful toys (cloth book, toys with different textures and sounds) to attract her attention. Nothing too overwhelming but yet could keep my niece entertained for quite some time.

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maybe u can sing or chat i am sure he/she will loves it. as for my kids i sing and evwn imitate what they did then they themself will giggle..

Sing song.. Talking to baby.. Play colourful toys..

I give my girl cloth book

6y ago

Do u all wash the cloth books for baby b4 giving it to them ?