Mummies help! I am really struggling with getting my helper to engage my children in some activity when i am not around. I don't want them just watching tv. I have two LOs 2 yrs and 4yrs. What do your helpers play with your kids?

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Enroll them to playschool.
I think can start to start your kids to childcare?
You can try to search creative knowledge AR magic. I saw my friend bought AR Magic from Lazada for her kid, suitable for kid age, its fun for kid to study and learn Chinese.
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:( sadly. helper could not do much. thats why i send mine to school and said goodbye to helper. you can do some quiet book or even some activities like worksheets
Always bring out one activity before living them. Examples: a book with some coloring, matching, counting etc. or making some kids arts, also music, pretend play with their favorite cartoon characters