We've been having trouble conceiving which could be due to our ages in the late-thirties. My husband is vehemently against fertility drugs of ivf. What can I do to improve my chances of conceiving naturally?

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You can purchase clearblue digital ovulation test kits. It will tell you (using indicator of smiley face/no face) when is the best 2 days to intercourse during LH surges, i.e. most fertile period. So far, I have 2 friends who used this ovulation kits and managed to conceive in short period. This is more expensive than ovulation strips but they are far more accurate than strips one. If your mense is quite regular, you can purchase 7-test kits set instead of 20-test kits set. There another device which is more advanced is clearblue digital monitor which costs more than $300. This is more accurate as it will help you to plot a graph and identify the best time to intercourse to increase the chance of getting pregnant. I have used this one and successfully conceived my second baby after 1 cycle of tracking only.

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