Two gestational sac, one is empty

I am on my 8th wk of pregnancy. I had my transvaginal ultrasound this morning. There was 2 gestational sac, but one if it is empty. The other one has heartbeat already. The doctor asked me to have my ultrasound again after two weeks. Is there a possibility that the embryo will still develop? #emptygestationalsac #pleasehelp #advicepls

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At 5w6d I had 2 sacs, 1 with heartbeat and other with baby but no heartbeat. At 6w5d, the one without heartbeat disappeared completely leaving empty sac and doc said its blighted ovum. At 9w the empty sac showed baby but without heartbeat. Now waiting for 11+ week scan and hoping that other baby grows well.

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12mo ago

Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope it all goes well.