help please. 39 weeks 3 days & contractions

mummies please help. im a first time mum & im currently 39 weeks & 3 days. my due date is in 4 days time. having a painful contraction every 3-5 mins non stop. went to the hospital but was told only 2cm dilated. given a choice to take injections of painkillers & get admitted or went home to wait & dilate more. i chose to go home but i can no longer stand the contractions pain & cant get any sleep with this contractions. is there any technique or tips i can relieve the contractions ? should i wait more or go back to the hospital ? help please im in pain ☹️

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Sounds like you're having an intense contraction pain. Best is to go back to the hospital. You could probably be dilating more by now hence the pain. Also best to get admitted so they can check on you from time to time. From 2cm, you can dilate more at anytime.

What happened after that?