2 consecutive days of brown discharge

Im 3cm dilated, currently at 37 weeks, first pregnancy. How long usually need to wait till 7cm dilation? Im still at home

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Super Mum

When you go into active labour (4cm dilated + regular contractions every about 3 min), it’s about 1cm/hr average, although it can be highly variable for first pregnancy. As to how long to get to the active labour, can be days. I think my 2 to 4cm took about a week? When my gynae assessed me in the clinic to be 4cm (2nd pregnancy), I still went home for 12 hrs. Lol. I didn’t want to be stuck on the bed for so long, so I waited till the contractions were close and painful (plus my water bag happened to already be leaking).

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You can actually go to the hospital now .