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Weight of your baby as of 3.5 mths? Mine is hitting 8kg, drinking 120ml of formula on average 3 hrs cycle. What about yall? Is my bb overdrinking and if the actual volume (water 120ml + formula) is 140ml, do I say is 120 or 140?

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My kid also around 7.5 kg when 3.5mths. No worries, so long little one is healthy. Mine also drink average of 120ml every 3 hourly

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My baby is 6.4kg at 3.5 months. Don't worry bout the amount he can drink as long he is healthy


Not to worry so much on their weight as long as they are healthy Normally we will say 120ml

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My son was 7.2kg at 3.5 mths, ebf. I can't help you with the 2nd question.😅

As Long as baby is active and diaper output is good. Everything is fine

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Same. 🖐 As long they are healthy can liao 🤭

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As long as diaper output is ok, baby is ok